Vocal Coach

Charlotte is a vocal coach specialising in teaching children and adult beginners and her goal is to make the learning process relaxed, exciting and tailored to the individual. Charlotte enjoys helping her students to build self-confidence through a love of music and singing. “I love to inspire people to sing and make music and it brings so much joy to hear my students singing so beautifully”.

Performing as a professional singer for almost 18 years, Charlotte has sung in various Jazz and Blues bands in Sydney, London and Abu Dhabi where she completed an Artist Residency at Le Royal Meridien Hotel in 2009.

Charlotte is also a songwriter and has recorded her original material and an album of Jazz standards and teaches students about the necessary skills required in the Music Industry in the digital age such as Social Media networking, making videos, songwriting, iTunes etc.

Having a holistic approach to singing, Charlotte focuses on the following aspects of singing while helping to make singing feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible.

  • Breathing – correct and comfortable air flow
  • Pitch/Singing in tune – accuracy through proper vocal technique and pitch matching exercises
  • Overcoming vocal tension and how to sing in a relaxed and natural way
  • Developing range in order to sing higher or lower pitches
  • Resonance development to improve and expand tone
  • Vibrato – learn to control vibrato and use effectively rather than involuntary
  • Diction – annunciate correctly so that your audience can understand what you are singing
  • Vocal health – Protect your voice from damage and warm up correctly
  • Correct muscle coordination – effective practice to strengthen voice and add depth to your tone
  • Style development– sing various styles with your own unique sound

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